Terra.ism expounds upon principles of deep ecology to form a new ethos for the future manifestation of collective being. Terra.ism exists to reconnect humanity with the entity that provides for our very existance. The mission of terra.ism is to re-institute the sacred, the true nature of meaning for life, and our roles as co-habitants and stewards of the realm we call home.

It is of the utmost importance and imperative that humanities systems (individually & collectively) abide by and remain resonant with our host organism.

We need to incorporate a more bio-centric, ecological perspective in our philosophies and religions. For any deviation from the basic tenets of co-existence and harmony, creates a domino effect of imbalance which can & will destroy any and all ecosystems designed for life.

Human beings must gain enough awareness of how our actions have been and are harmful. We must understand the importance of our relationship to ourselves, other species, and our host organism, as we have a moral and ethical obligation which necessitates minimizing the harm we have perpetuated in ignorance. By choosing actions that are beneficial, we all can reduce the strain we have placed upon our environment, ourselves, and other species. We are all called to choose at this time what kind of world we want to live in. So let us choose wisely...


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