This is the beginning of a burgeoning movement.

The intentions of this establishment are benevolent and atruistic in scope.

Currently in the process of research and development phase, with the desire to create a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status, the founders of terra.ism would like to establish an Eco-Village/Retreat Center/Institute which will operate as a flagship organization. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to re-connect humanity with the planet in a dynamic "whole"-istic approach that fosters co-operation, community and sustainability. The working model of this organization will be to combine multiple disciplines to encourage an approach toward living sustainability which involves environmentalism, spirituality, healing arts, creative arts, and education. This operation will be an Eco-Tourist destination in a retreat center setting complete with education & training, a health and wellness center, a restaurant serving organic raw macrobiotic and vegan foods, an indoor and outdoor performance space for the arts, and a gift shop. This foundation will exist to teach, promote wellness, and offer healing, rest, recreation, and public/private events.

There are a small number of Eco-village Institutes which exist today, and that number is growing. There is a need for this now more than ever, and many want to contribute in ways that are harmonious with nature. The importance of this non-profit becoming established is because of the limited number of real eco-tourist destinations. For the most part, most travelers go to tourist destinations and pay exhorbatant fees to hotels that contribute to environmental degradation. (ie: chemically treated lawns, use of gas burning mowers, use of caustic chemical cleaners, non-environmental paint, non organic & non local food, etc).. There needs to be alternatives in the tourism industry, where there are destinations that have as little negative impact on the surroundings as possible and promote health and wellness in all aspects of its existence. This in turn, will have a positive impact on the economy, generating environmentally responsible revenue for the communities where these destinations exist. Each respective destination has the potential of influencing the practices of the businesses which already exist in the neighborhoods. This organization would be an intrinsic member of the eco-tourist genre with the mission of offering an integral approach toward living. Encompasing the importance of health for the human, it is paramount to instill the importance of maintaing the health of the surrounding environs. This will prove most beneficial to humanities' mind/body/spirit *& mental, emotional, physical complexes.

This start-up seeks funds to acquire land, construct the various centers with earthship, geodesic, and yurt design structures, and create the organic garden that will be used for the restaurant, which will feed guests and the staff who will be living at and operating the facility. For the center to become self-sustained, it will take a manner of years for the development of the food producing sources, but will evolve over time to become a very resourceful crop eventually providing almost everything needed. Prior to the farm becoming the primary source of food, we will work with other local organic farms. With the permaculture phase of development, the foundation can offer classes similar to Occidental Arts Ecology Center or the Lost Valley Educational Center and Intentional Community. This aspect of the organization would operate similar to a myriad of organic farms complete with Internship and Volunteer Programs. In addition to this being an educational facility, it will also be a retreat center, offering a location for vacationers seeking to stay in an environment more in tune with the biodiversity of the region complete with gardens of indigenous flowering plants rather than imports. The center will also offer a health and wellness center with various healing modalities similar to spa settings (ie: massage/body/energy work, art and sound healing therapies, multiple Yoga disciplines, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Watsu, and Shamanism). The center will also be offering organic, locally grown foods prepared raw, macrobiotic, and vegan~ hopefully similar to the food offered at Café Gratitude, as well as providing a gift shop offering goods from the local population, jewelery, housewares, organic foodstuffs, crystals & minerals, tibetan and crystal singing bowls, books, and magazines/cards made of 100% post recycled material and soy based inks.

The goal of the organization would be to provide education, seminars, and certifications geared toward the different disciplines which are all aspects of the foundation. With the goal of becoming accredited, this organization will offer classes under 3 main branches: Environmental, physical, and spiritual with the basic tenent: Heal the earth, heal the body, heal the spirit... This would include classes in organic farming, vegan food preparation, the various healing modalities, and spiritual studies. The goal of this non-profit organization is to provide a state of the art facility un-paralleled in scope. The primary intention of its development is to influence others individually & collectively and to assist in the development of sustainable community and co-operative living models elsewhere. This will be accomplished by offering something as simple as individual classes for the retreat visitors to an all inclusive long-term program teaching every aspect of how the foundation operates, (depending on the level of interest by the learning parties).

The framework of this non-profit organization will be to provide a working model for other communities to emulate as it will assist with on-site training for those interested in creating their own co-operative living communities. When this non-profit is able to exist and produce a viable alternative to the current social paradigm of living, it will be at the forefront of an inevitable social movement which is already beginning to take root in our collective culture. This is the logical step in the evolution of our species and as such, absolutely necessitates the creation of this organization.

This non-profit organization will be integral in fostering the creativity needed for new generations of humankind to learn a new living dynamic. The organization will seek co-operation with pre-existing entities, from small businesses and foundations, to large businesses and foundations. To encompass all fields requires co-operation with many organizations, in turn, this will foster a new working model of "doing business" with both public and private sectors. An ultimate goal for the non profit will be to establish a grants division. This in turn can help seed fund others who would like to create permaculture communities and have already gone through the education program. This would be a mutation of the franchise model, only it would not be commercial in scope with the goal of generating profits, but with the goal of transforming the way we live. Additional locations that offer the same working model as this organization will help to exponentiate healthy ways of living for our collective survival - ultimately doing away with our present reliance on unsustainable living paradigms. Shifting the way society at large lives in co-habitation within our ecosystem, is an important step on the road to recovery. By providing complete transparency of the operations of this organization, private and public sectors will see the economic feasibility with this sort of development and hopefully will be encouraged enough to decide to "go green" as well.


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{all proceeds will go toward establishing this non-profit organization}